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October 31, 2008

Best Jon and Kate Plus 8 Clip Ever

My guilty pleasure is Jon and Kate Plus 8. And trust me, it baffles me why I love this show so much because I am not a "kid person" and the show is all about stinky diapers, throwing up, screaming crying, and the day to day life of having 8 kids. But I swear to God if I ever have kids I want them to be just like their three boys. They are the cutest things I have ever seen- especially Aiden in this clip below.

October 30, 2008

Obama Infomercial

If you missed the Barack Obama infomercial last night, here it is. It is a must watch for anybody who is still on the fence...or anybody who supports Obama!


Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

October 28, 2008

Joe, The Straight Talker

This is just another example of why I love Joe Biden

October 27, 2008


On my old blog I used to always post new music- and since I am avoiding doing my homework I decided to post my current playlist. Click on the link and it will take you to the music.

1. Beyonce - If I Were A Boy
2. Katie Perry - Hot N Cold
3. Ingrid Michaelson - Be OK
4. Britney Spears - Womanizer
5. Taylor Swift -Fearless
6. T.I. featuring Rihanna - Live Your Life
7. Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gett'in Better
8. Sugarland- Already Gone
9. Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight
10. Taylor Swift - Love Story
11. Beyonce - Ladies Put a Ring on It

Dan just looked over my shoulder and said "you aren't really posting this on our blog are you?" and I told him that when he starts posting on the blog again I would start writing more intellectual things. Until then, enjoy my playlist.

October 26, 2008

Oprah Spirit Channel

So I have to tell everybody about my newest find. You know when you buy a CD that is so FANTASTIC that you play it over and over and never get tired of it? Well this is like that-but BETTER!

So I was perusing around on the itunes podcasts looking for "Meet the Press" when I came across the Oprah Spirit Channel. I thought to myself "God I love Oprah"- and when I opened it up I found over fifty FREE podcasts that I could download to my ipod and listen to. They are amazing and I am totally addicted- I listen at the gym, studying, cleaning the house. God, I mean Oprah, typically interviews writers, but she also talks with spiritual leaders and directors. So far I have listened to podcasts about instituting yoga in prisons, how right brain people will rule the world (so true!), combining eastern and western spirituality, and the true meaning of dreams. If you don't have itunes or an ipod you can check out some of the podcasts HERE.

October 18, 2008

Definitely Played This Longer Then I Care To Admit

Joe The Plumber -- The Game

Les Misbarack

Once again to prove that my friend Caitlin is the Google Goddess, I have to post what she found.

So for all your Le Miserables nuts, you have probably heard the song "One Day More." If you don't know the song, here is the performance at the Tonys.

So they now have Les Misbarack which takes place at the Obama National Headquarters the night before election day...

October 13, 2008

Prop 8

If I can't vote, I can surely spread the word....

Crafting...for a Change

Recently I have been feeling like I have been letting my creative edge die. I can't remember the last time I sketched, free wrote, or FINISHED any kind of art project. I used to be crafty- but law school has killed me and made me practical and busy (ew!) But it makes me happy that SOME people still have time to engage the creative side of their brain...and if I didn't have to study for my Constitutional Law Midterm I would be happily joining them!

Check Out Their Website Here

October 12, 2008

Seattle Adventure Weekend

I had so been looking forward to this weekend FOREVER, not only because I haven't seen Caitlin since my 1L year of law school- but I was so in need of a mini vacation I thought I was going to burst. And there is no better place for me to go to refuel then my favorite American City, Seattle!

During my first year of law school at Hofstra, my friend Caitlin was my lifesaver. She grew up on Long Island and showed me all around NYC and all the cool places on Long Island (which were quite a challenge to find...believe me. I'm kidding Cait.)

Caitlin had never ventured over to the West Coast, but is looking at grad schools in Seattle and jetted across the country with her friend Tim to check it out. I, tragically, am not a great tour guide for Seattle- so we started with the Seattle Duck tour which showed us all the hot spots and took us on a little boat ride in the Lake. Some interesting Seattle facts we received on our duck tour:

1. Seattle is the #1 city in the country for sunglasses sales
2. Starbucks is actually #3 in most coffee sold on a daily basis. Dunkin Doughnuts is #1 and McDonalds is #2.
3. Seattle is home to the first skid row.

Here are some pictures from the tour:

We then went to this great little bar and grill near Pike's Market where we engaged our taste buds in a fantastic beer sampler...then, after a little stop back at the hotel, we went to my favorite place in New York City- Chopsticks Dueling Piano Bar. Some highlights:

1. Caitlin paying $1.00 for the piano man to play "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys, and another man paying $10.00 for him to stop playing it.
2. Chanting "Obama, Obama" after "Proud to be an American" was played
3. The extreme "name that song" competition that was taking place between Jen N and Dan.

Here are some pictures:

Cait, me and Jen!

No worries, Tim is not chocking, he is rocking out to a great rendition of "Bohemian Rapsedy"

Cutest fiance EVER

Jen and Jeff!


The next day... after sleeping in after some possible over-consumption issues, we went to Pike's Market where Tim had the AMAZING idea to buy a "ready to eat" crab and eat it by the water. It was DELICIOUS and the funnest way to eat crab ever.

Then we meandered over to Fremont where I finally got to meet this troll I have heard so much about.

We then met up for sushi at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant and were on our way home! All in all it was a great weekend and so fun to see everybody!

October 9, 2008

On the Record

YES! What we have all been waiting for- on November 30, exclusive Britney Spears documentary. (Don't judge me.)

October 4, 2008

Marit Larsen

My friend Katherine and I have the absolute opposite taste in music (read: She likes bad music and I like good music). This led to a lot of fighting and name calling on our road trip from Idaho to New York (although in fairness, I developed a greater appreciation for Fiona Apple and Katherine I daresay did not hate Ben Fold by the end of the trip). Anyways! She posted this video by Marit Larsen the other day and I LOVE IT! And in honor of this absolutely historical occasion of us actually liking the same song, I felt the need to post it. Hope you like it too.

October 1, 2008


So I knew we had a problem when I went into our room a few weeks ago to find Toby sleeping on his back with his head propped up on the pillow. This was when I began having concerns about Toby thinking he was a person rather then a dog, but those concerns have been realized this week when I caught Toby sitting on the kitchen chair, especially at dinner, like he is a human being. He will then hop up and try to sniff whatever is on the table, but being the little human dog that he is, he will never EAT your food, just patiently wait for you to give him his share (which don't worry he doesn't get any. Dogs eat on the floor.)

I know I should not be letting him do this, but God if it's not so damn cute. Please don't tell Ceazar Millan.


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