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September 28, 2008

A Happy Dog

Dan decided to build a closet this morning and thus had to pile all his clothes on the bed. I really thought Toby was going to fall over in happiness as he immediately climbed to the top of the pile and claimed it as his own. After conquering the pile he made himself a nest, and was knocked out for the next two hours. What a life our little hamster has.


We try to keep the apartment as clean as possible, especially considering how we both are mildly OCD (but in totally different ways.) However recently I have found vacuuming to be completely counterproductive since my (perfectly functional) vacuum feels the need to spit up giant carpet balls of fluff every time I clean the floor. I vacuum a lot- so don't think is this a lack of vacuuming, it truly is really crappy carpet and its starting to drive me mad.

September 26, 2008

September 23, 2008

Environmental Panic

Dan doesn’t believe in global warming- which I find baffling since he claims to be the smartest person on the planet but feels the need to side with George Bush on the issue. He blames my sudden obsession with global warming on the Al Gore Oprah episode and my God complex over Oprah Winfrey. This is true (both that Oprah Winfrey is God, and I started caring about the environment after watching her Al Gore “The Earth is Melting and Its Our Fault Show *”)

At any rate, today I found a very disturbing article on CNN regarding global warming, the most terrifying of which is the following:

"The Arctic sea ice melt is a disaster for the polar bears," according to Kassie Siegel, staff attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity. "They are dependent on the Arctic sea ice for all of their essential behaviors, and as the ice melts and global warming transforms the Arctic, polar bears are starving, drowning, even resorting to cannibalism because they don't have access to their usual food sources." Source

For the LOVE OF GOD someone buy me a hybrid car and some enviro friendly light bulbs. I would hate to think that the polar bears are resorting to cannibalism due to the noxious fumes of my beaten down Pontiac and cheap lamps. And while you're at it, feel free to direct some angry comments regarding the current climate crisis in Dan’s direction.

*Not actual name of show. But definitely better name

September 21, 2008

Two Things I Feel the Need To Share With the World

1. Thriving Ivory’s New Album

Thriving Ivory finally released their album on iTunes which means I could FINALLY buy “Hey Lady” which I have been playing over and over and over again. You can go to their myspace page HERE and listen to it- amazingness.

2. Just Stand Up to Cancer

Awhile ago every diva in the county put aside their hatred of one another and came together to sing the song “Just Stand Up” to benefit the charity Just Stand Up To Cancer. I love this video for two reasons. First, because I got a kick out of watching all them try to out-sing each other with their one line solos. Second, because Rihanna looks like she is going to beat Miley Cyrus’s ass for all that jumping around during their duet.

If you like the song make sure you buy it on iTunes because all the proceeds go to charity.

Another Great SNL Opener

September 18, 2008

Must See

John Stewart video MUST SEE!

Many thanks to my friend Jen for sending me one of my favorite Daily Show clips ever!



September 14, 2008

Best SNL Skit Ever

I hate posting this many videos on the blog but this Tina Fey skit was just too good to pass up...

September 13, 2008

Michelle Obama On Ellen

Remember when people voted for Bush because they felt like he was someone they could go have a beer with? Well I am voting for Obama because him and Michelle are people I feel like I could go to the club with...;)

I freaking love her...

September 9, 2008

I Brought In a Yorkie...Got Back a Chihuahua

Last May 9th I vowed to never take Toby to that terrible haircutting place again (you can read that post HERE). But when the time came to get Toby another haircut- I had no choice. Being the bad mother that I am, I did not book out my alternative choices early enough and all had a waiting list until November. Of course I could immediately get him in to the terrible place, and as my little dog sat trembling in my arms as I handed him over to the Evil Hairlords, I couldn't help but feel like someone should cut my ovaries out of me right now. I mean, if I do this to my dog- what the hell would I do to children?

So of course, Toby came back and looked awful. And while posting the picture of his current terrible haircut, I realized I have taken a picture of every terrible haircut he has got from this place.

And in hopes of humiliating my dog even further, please feel free to vote for Toby's worst haircut on the sidebar of our your screen...

Bad Haircut #1

Bad Haircut #2

Bad Haircut #3

September 4, 2008

More Engagement Pictures

Due to the fact that our last few posts have been filled with a lot of angry venting about the current Republican Party, I decided it was high time to change up the theme of this blog and post some more engagement pictures. And since on Thursday nights I am a poker-widow I had plenty of time to do it.

Once again- these shots were taking by Ryan whose website can be found HERE. I should also note that Ryan was very kind to get these to me since he is currently overloaded with Chemistry homework. Many thanks little bro.


September 3, 2008


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