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May 31, 2008

If Kobe Bryant can....

First, I have to give a major shout out to Maggie for emailing me about this development.

So as we all know, the new Sex and the City movie is finally out and though I am dying to see it. Dan was leaving and refused to go with me. Let me define refused. While I probably could have convinced him to go see it with me, it would definitely be by force, and it would definitely be the kind of thing that would be used against me in a future conversation. I am envisioning something like this:

Me: What do you want to do today?
Dan: Play golf.
Me: I hate golf.
Dan: Remember when I hated Sex and the City...

Quite frankly, I didn't feel like EVER giving him that comeback.

But apparently Dan's mentor (and by mentor I mean God), Kobe Bryant is HAPPY to take his wife to Sex and the City. IN FACT- after he won the Western Conference Championship what did he do to celebrate? He and Vanessa went straight to go see the movie. Don't believe me? Check it out here.

Although, in fairness, I probably should not get give Kobe too much credit since he is definitely still paying for that "minor" sleeping with someone other then his wife thing a few years back...

May 29, 2008


So with all the excitement of the engagement I haven't had the chance to blog about our fun adventure to California!

So it all started at 8 in the morning, scratch that, 10 in the morning when we finally got on the road. It was cold, windy, and the thought of getting in the car again made me want to scratch my eyes out. I decided against scratching out my eyes when I saw that Dan likes to go around cliffs at 100 MPH and it was up to me to scream and press my air brake to ensure that the car did not dive perilously over a cliff.

We arrived in California in record time (we are still awaiting to see if Dan got any tickets from the aerial surveillance), and I met Dan's family at around 10 o'clock at night after spending 13 hours in the car. Excellent. Exactly the kind of first impression I wanted to make. I looked like Toby does after getting caught in the rain (picture a muskrat on a bad hair day) They, on the other hand, were amazing and very welcoming and friendly. After grabbing a quick midnight dinner we went to bed to prepare for the wedding tomorrow.

The next day was Dan brother Bryan's wedding. It was very, very fun and his new wife Sarah has excellent taste. The colors, dresses, and flowers were beautiful, and the food at both the luncheon and the reception was delicious! I only hope that we can pull off such a great wedding. Congrats to them both!

The next morning we woke up and Dan made a deal with me. He would drive me to Beverly Hills to stalk celebrities if I went to "Prehistoric Pets" with him. So there I was, in this store, surrounded by reptiles(rather, scales with heartbeats) that could bite me and kill me. Yeech. The highlight was Dan's father saving me from freaking out or dying of boredom when he bought me worms to feed the turtles. I am not going to lie, at first I was a little freaked out when I had to grab the little, innocent worm and place it in the turtle's mouth who immediately snapped it in half with its raging jaws. But soon I grew fond of getting to pick which turtle I decided to feed (which of course was all the little ones), and I told Dan that if he ever wanted to get a turtle I would be okay with that. As long as we never feed them anything but bugs.

After our fun little adventure to Salmonellaland, we drove up to Beverly Hills with Kirstin, Kari, and Phil. After buying the WORST celebrity map EVER for $2 by a man who was willing to run up to our window to give it to us, we made our way to Beverley Hills and drove past a lot of shrubs in front of very famous star's houses. I also saw the top of Reese Witherspoon's SUV. OH! OH! ANNNNNDDDDD we drove past People's Republic where Whitney and Lauren from The Hills work. Kari and I were very excited, the boys and Kirstin no so much.

That night we went to see WICKED and I was SO EXCITED because I have wanted to see this musical for YEARS! Dan's parent's took us all out to a far too generous dinner at Benihanas, where enjoyed some fine Japanese cuisine. Wicked did not disappoint at ALL. It was amazing and a packed house. I almost cried during Defying Gravity, not kidding (here's a taste of it down below). Then I immediately almost murdered the women in front of me when she stole our $20 commemorative program during intermission. Don't worry, I beat her up and got it back.

Now I finally have a chance to breath, start work, and enjoy being around Dan before he leaves me for Dallas on Saturday :(

May 28, 2008

The Unforeseen Bonus

Ladies, this post is all about sports and other boring topics, so you probably should not read it....

Alright guys, now that the women are gone I would like to let you in on something I just discovered about getting engaged. After proposing you will have, at the very least, a few days of doing things your girlfriend would normally make you feel guilty for doing. For example, I am a huge Kobe Bryant fan so I really wanted to watch game 4 last night. Melissa, is not a Kobe Bryant fan- so she did not want to watch the game...or any other Lakers games for that matter.

Usually when there is a game on that I want to watch, or if I want to go golfing for the third time in a week, Melissa will tell me- nay, try and convince me- I should. BUT its in that tone with that look on her face saying, "really, you don't want to spend time with me?" Surely, every guy out there knows what I am talking about. Every guy also knows that once this happens, he must make a choice: not watch the game and have a happy girlfriend; or watch the game even though he won't enjoy it because he is feeling guilty the whole time... and he is also knows he may have to spend the next night watching the Notebook with her.

Typically, I combine the two choices by watching only the second half. That is until I proposed.

Last night, I watched the entire game. Moreover, instead of me bringing it up, Melissa did. With a huge smile on her face and in the sweetest tone ever, she said, "you know, you should really sit down and watch the game." I had to make sure she was not being sarcastic, so I looked at her and said, "really, are you sure?" As she responded affirmatively, I noticed she was not looking at me, she was looking at her new engagement ring.
Obviously, this bonus will not last long...especially after she reads this post...but really I am doing a service to both men and women. How??? By letting guys know about this bonus- after all if there is a big game a guy knows he is going to want to watch a month or so away, he might spend the next three weeks getting a ring and coming up with the perfect way to propose.

May 27, 2008

Second Thoughts?

Now that Dan and I are engaged...does this mean I am going to have to watch Laker games for the rest of my life????

Eh...I guess its worth it ;)

That's Right, WE ARE ENGAGED...

And I could not be happier!

(Prior to reading this post, you should read Melissa's post directly below, as it gives the details of the actual proposal and how I set it up, giving context to this one.)

First and foremost, I should say that I may have proposed this past weekend, but I have known for quite some time that I wanted to marry Melissa. In fact, I told Chris within a month after we started dating that I wanted to marry her. Some of you may be thinking right now, "sounds like you two moved way too fast!" And honestly, I do not blame anyone for having that reaction, as it would be mine. Hell, I used to believe that anyone- including myself- who got married before the age of 37 was crazy.

"Used to believe" being the operative phrase. See, everything changed when I met Melissa. For the first time I understood the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. All of the sudden I realized that there was more to life than my future career. Most importantly though, I realized that thinking there is a woman out there for me who is beautiful, smart, funny, driven, and patient was not just a fantasy- but my new reality.

Okay, enough of the sweet mushy stuff, here are the things Melissa left out of her post- or more specifically, the back story.

Melissa and I had talked about getting married before I asked. That is a bit of an understatement, she actually knew I was planning on asking her this summer. BUT was very clear that it had to be a surprise. Initially, I thought no problem- I can surprise you and do it romantically.

BUT I was forgetting one very important detail- we are spending the summer in two different states. Meaning we are only going to see each other every two-weeks or so- that is going to make it pretty difficult to pull off a surprise I thought.

After mulling over all of my options, I finally decided to do it the night we returned from my brother's wedding. I could not do it earlier because I wanted both of us to have the chance to meet each other's family. Especially, because I wanted to ask her mom and dad if I could marry their daughter. (I did ask and they could not have been kinder to me.) And I really did not think I could pull off a surprise any other weekend; this thought turned out to be right, as my other date was July 4th, which is the day that Melissa, her mom, and her friend Maria all predicted.

Anyways, after coming up with the date, and EXPLICITLY making sure it was okay with Melissa that we stay in Spokane that night, I started making plans. I bought some of the things I would need, called her friend Maria to find out what kind of ring I should get, and requested the help of Chris and Scott. THEN a day or two before we are supposed to leave, with everything just about in place, Melissa begs to drive straight to Boise after we arrive in Spokane. "OH S%&$!" I said to myself. So, I start making up reasons I want to stay- none of which persuaded Melissa. As she said though, she did begrudgingly agree.

When the day finally came, I was more nervous than I have ever been. Not because I was worried about what she would say or if I wanted to marry her, but because I wanted it to be perfect. Murphy's law however, seemed to start taking over the day.

A few examples of things going wrong:

Problem 1) As she stated, I told her Chris was giving me gift certificates to Luna's- the gift certificates were the one thing that I did not pick up before leaving Spokane ; and the one thing I had actually told her about. My plan was to pick them up on Sunday while I was out picking up the roses. When I went to the Restaurant, the manager informed me that they had run out of gift certificates. WHAT!!!

Solution 1) The manager was amazing. I told her the predicament and she went out of her way to work things out, so that I could give her my credit card number and at the end of dinner the server would just say that the gift certificates took care of everything. Plus, I could tell Melissa that I had to give them the gift certificates to reserve a table because I did not call in advance.

Problem 2) She suddenly realized that we did not have any pillows or blankets to sleep on that night. This was a problem because I had already purchased these things in her favorite colors. She began recommending that we go to Shopko and pick some up...

Solution 2) Tell her that we will go after dinner- this worked- problem avoided.

Problem 3) I had left the table that the flowers, candles, and champagne are set up on in the picture below at her apartment. However, I told her I left the table for Chris, who she asked to take it when he brought us home from the airport. He smoothly said he would get it when we came back from "grabbing a beer." When I came in the door without him, she wanted me to either call him to come back or take the table to his house.

Solution 3) Okay, this one was not so much a solution, as me just realizing I would have to deal with her not being very happy with me when I explained that we would take it to him on our way out of Spokane in the morning.

In addition to these problems, there were others, including me dropping the ring box and bag right in front of her while I was looking for something in my suit case.
Nonetheless, I think everything was great. (For which Maria, Chris, and Scott are due a lot of credit.) She was definitely surprised and very happy. We had an amazingly romantic evening- one that included the happiest moment of my life.

May 26, 2008


Well, I expected to be blogging tonight about our 5 day adventure to the Los Angeles area and Spokane (which I will-because it was so much fun!), but first we have some big news to share! We are engaged!

So it all started a few weeks ago when Dan attempted to convince me to stay in Spokane after we flew back from the LA area (we had to pick up my car that was still in my apartment in Spokane). I was not having it. It didn't make any sense to me to come back to my completely empty apartment when we had my fully furnished apartment in Boise. Dan insisted that we needed to spend that night so he could have a proper goodbye to his friends. I begrudgingly agreed.

Then when we were in California Dan mentioned that his friend Chris owed him money, and when he emailed him about it Chris told him that he could just have his gift certificate to Luna (an amazing restaurant in Spokane. Check out their website here) I tried to convince Dan that he should really try to get the money (after all, we are poor law students), but Dan told me we would go the night we arrived back in Spokane. A fantastic dinner that I didn't have to pay for? I was sold.

The restaurant was amazing. Neither of us had eaten their before, but we had heard wonderful things. We started with an amazing Washington red wine and cheese plate. I got roast duck and Dan got rack of lamb. Needless to say dinner was fabulous, so fabulous that at the end I just wanted to sit there for awhile and enjoy the rest of my wine. Dan looked antsy. He then said if I didn't finish my glass of wine, he would buy me another bottle later. Ha, ha, sounds like a good deal.

We took a right turn out of the parking lot. I (cluelessly) asked why we were doing that. Dan responded that he thought it would be fun to go for a walk. "Oh really!" I teased "Why is it that when I want to take Toby for a walk you never want to go, but now you want to go when I'm wearing heels?" Dan laughed. I laughed. I was just happy he wanted to go on a walk.

We went up to Manito Park- my favorite place in Spokane- up in Rose Gardens (my favorite flower). The glory of the rose garden is exhibited here:

As we walked, he led me into some trees right behind the garden. There, behind the garden, was when I saw a solitary bench covered in a blanket (a beautiful blanket made by Dan's sister Kirsten), red candles, and a single rose. That's when I knew and started mildly freaking out- at which point Dan made me sit on the bench and got on one knee and opened a little black box with the most BEAUTIFUL RING I have ever seen in my whole life.

It was the perfect moment, I started crying and crying and crying. We sat there while the sun was sitting, at which point Dan said we needed to go home because there were more surprises!

After setting up the bench at Manito, Dan's friends Chris and Scott had rushed back to my apartment and decorated my apartment with 4 dozen flowers, candles, candle holders, red and black (my favorite colors) on everything including a new red comforter with black pillows. The lights were off and music was playing, a single rose was sitting on the front mat outside (nice touch boys), and expensive champaign and our favorite wines sitting in a cooler. It was amazing. The perfect night. After popping the champaign we called our parents who were anxiously anticipating our calls.

I have to say- it was a complete surprise and I am so incredibly happy and elated to be engaged to such a wonderful man.

May 21, 2008

If I get this upset over my dog...I'm never having children

This morning I received a phone call from my mother that went something like this:

Me: Hey Mom, what's up (I like to talk to my mother like I am still 14).
Mom: Melissa. I need you to stay calm.
Me: okay....(worried)
Mom. Something is wrong with Toby. I came down this morning and he threw up everywhere and he refuses to leave his bed.
Me: Did you dangle a sock in front of him?
Mom: Yes. Nothing.

This conversation went on for another 20 minutes while we attempted to diagnose the dog and determine when to take him to the vet. I spent the next 40 minutes googling things like "yorkie dog vomiting" and "sick yorkie."

I am happy to report that later today I received the following email from my mother:

Oh My Gosh
Your dog is so weird. He had me worried all morning and now I'm chasing him all over the house to get my sock back. He does stink though. What shampoo should I use to give him a bath?
ps he is now on my lap with his head over my arm so I can't type - whats with him

Note to my Mom: Do not worry, I will not be posting emails that you send me often. Rather this one was just too funny to pass up.

Anyways, very happy that Toby is doing better. And in celebration I am reposting the youtube famous "Toby Does Not Want to Come." Enjoy.

May 19, 2008

Longest Drive EVER

So as Dan just reported, it has been a long week for us in regards to moving and packing and moving and packing....and then moving and packing again. Toby was a bit traumatized by the whole moving thing, and attempted to hide in the middle of all the bedding to get away from the chaos.

I had to follow the U-Haul down to Boise and while I am not complaining about driving the Honda as opposed to the giant truck...I must say that looking at the butt of a U Haul for 7 hours had me contemplating driving the car of a cliff. Don't worry, I obviously didn't, I had Toby in the car.

After my amazingly strong boyfriend and brother moved me into the smallest apartment EVER (on the third floor....which let me tell you, the boys were not happy when they saw they had to carry all my crap up those steep stairs), we immediately got back in the car to drive to Idaho Falls...and then to Salt Lake...and then to Idaho Falls....and then back to Boise. Needless to say, I am now allergic to the car and every time I go near it I break out into a rash. This is not going to be good when Dan and I embark on the 13 hour road trip to California this Thursday. Although I must admit I am looking forward to the beautiful weather and meeting Dan's family.

Toby is staying with my mother for the next two weeks which has so far been traumatizing. Everytime she calls I immediately assume she is calling to tell me that she lost him...which she almost did yesterday. Toby must be in dog heaven, however, since she is obsessed with him possibly more then I am.

"Melissa and Dan's Whirlwind Meet the Parents Tour: Part I"

In the past week Melissa and I have driven over 2,000 miles, moved out of two different apartments, moved her into a new apartment in Boise (an apartment located on the 3rd floor!!!), and gone to her parents house in Idaho Falls where I met her parents basically for the first time. (I met them briefly at the beginning of our relationship when I drove her home for Thanksgiving, but they did not really know we were dating at that point- because she didn't really want anyone to know.) Within the next five days we will drive another 1,000 miles down to my little brother's wedding in California where Melissa will meet my parents.

Let me briefly recap the experience meeting Melissa's family:

After the Jazz forced a game 6 against the Lakers we bought tickets for the two of us, her father, and my grandfather. Her dad and my grandpa are huge Jazz fans- and while I like the Jazz, Kobe Bryant is my favorite player, so I always root for the Lakers to win. Nonetheless, because the Lakers could not be eliminated in game 6 I made the decision to root for the Jazz at their home arena- in hopes of making her dad and my grandpa happy. However, the Lakers pretty much dominated the game and Kobe was magnificent. This led to grumpy and distraught faces on the two men sitting beside Melissa and I. BUT I think I did a pretty good job bitching about the refs every time a call went against the Jazz and cheering every time the Jazz scored or made a great defensive stop....whether I succeeding in selling my desire to see the Jazz win to the die-hard Jazz fans we bought tickets for- I do not know.

What I do know is the Jazz's defeat meant that the first time I really met and spent time with Melissa's dad: we spent 6+ hours in the car together, watched his favorite team get eliminated from the playoffs, and did not arrive back to his house in Idaho Falls until 3:15 A.M. Nonetheless, I think things went pretty damn good. He was incredibly nice to me- to be honest much nicer than I plan on being to ANYONE who ever dates my daughter...if I ever have a daughter...which would be bad both for here and any male within 100 yards of her.

Seriously, I am unlikely to be better than my father who, to give you an example, was always outside when my sister was supposed to be getting home from her high school Homecoming and Prom dances. He would try to be subtle about it, but he was not. By subtle I mean instead of sitting on the porch greasing a shot gun making it obvious what he was doing, he would clean out the garage from 11 PM- 1 AM- strategically leaving the chain saw at the front of the garage where her date's car headlights were sure to shine.

Her family though- incredibly kind, welcoming, and non-confrontational. Her Mom was amazing: cooked great food, fun to talk to, and way more worried about making sure I was comfortable than was necessary. Her dad was funny and fun at the same time. I know what a boring blog entry- it would have been a lot funnier and interesting if I had your typical possible-future-in-laws story to regale you with, BUT I don't.

May be Melissa will have one of those after this weekend...

May 13, 2008

A Little Clarification

Well, I would introduce myself- BUT it appears that Melissa has already let everyone out there know who I am already. Since that has been taken care of, I will move on to more important things, like clarifying a couple of things that she has already discussed.

First, as for the whole moving thing- yes, I was watching the Laker game on Sunday while trying to take care of a few law school related things. However, at the point that picture was taken there was not a single box in Melissa's house for her to pack up; the boxes were in my car after I went to U-haul to pick them up and Wal-Mart to pick up tape for the boxes. I myself remember packing up almost my entire house and moving nearly everything out last week- May 7th to be exact. What was Melissa doing at that time you ask? Well, check the first post on this blog and you will know.

Second, as for Melissa's comment that she has had to watch every game of the series- NOT EVEN CLOSE! In fact, the Laker's played a game on May 7th. Once again you may ask, where was Melissa while I was packing, cleaning, and watching the Laker game- at her house studying/watching her television program.

Third, as for Toby treating me like I am the dog-version of the second coming of christ- he does! And he should...If only I could figure out how to get actual people to treat me like this...

Fourth, Kobe is not a rapist and luckily for him he still lives in America where people are innocent until proven guilty...something we should all remember.

Fifth, I apologize for failing to post my thoughts on this blog sooner. However, I was busy doing a number of things- not the least of which included spending time with the most amazing, beautiful, funny, intelligent- but sometimes wrong- girlfriend ever!

May 12, 2008

I Hate Moving

So it begins. When I moved into this apartment I swore on my life that I would not move until I graduated from lawschool, but here I am 9 months later packing up all my crap and moving to Boise for the summer. This will be the 12th (!!!!) time I have moved in 5 (!!!!) years. The plus side is if this whole law school thing doesn't work out my career as a professional mover is looking quite promising.

Dan has been extremely helpful with the move, as exhibited in this picture where he is watching basketball and emailing on his computer. So far I have been forced to watch every Laker game of this entire series, which has caused a great deal of tension in Dan and I's relationship since every time he cheers for Kobe I like to mutter "rapist" under my breath. I don't think he thinks it is quite as funny as I do. The upside to watching Laker games is sometimes celebrities are there which is always entertaining...and sometimes Turiaf plays (at which point I always feel the need to tell whoever I am with what a good guy he is, despite the fact that I never really met him.)

Dan has been staying with me since his lease ended a few days ago. Since then Toby has completely ignored me and followed Dan around like he is the dog-version of the second coming of Christ. We learned about this in family law- something about child dependency vs primary caregiver. I am seriously contemplating going on dog strike in an attempt to win back Toby's love. No food, water, or walks. We'll see who starts paying more attention to.

Of course I'm kidding.

May 10, 2008

The two men in my life...

I love this picture. Please note how Dan's lips are forming the words "please don't take that picture." So cute. Love him. He is going to be super happy to find this on the blog.

May 9, 2008

Poor Thing...


The day after finals I was excited to spend the day doing absolutely nothing. In fact, I fully intended on laying in bed all day and watching all my favorite daytime TV. I also planned on not even get up to eat, rather my hope was to beg Dan to bring the food from the kitchen to my bed, and then place all empty containers on the floor for Toby to lick clean.

But my day was quickly thwarted when Dan told me that he was going to spend the morning at the library. That's odd, because I thought finals was over. Yes careful reader, finals are over. However instead of studying with me during normal finals, Dan decided to go golfing and repeatedly put off writing his directed research paper, which means that he would spend all day alone in the library of doom and loneliness. This left me to begrudgingly fetch food for myself- a daunting task considering my level of post finals exhaustion.

So there I was laying in bed, starving to death because I refused to get up and get food, when a terrible smell entered my bedroom. The next thing I knew the terrible smell was in my face licking me and biting my hands. Toby, my 4 pound Yorkshire Terror of wonder and glory, smelled a lot like the trash I had taken out the night before. I considered my options. I could (a) not breath through my nose and let him hang out with me in bed while watching The View, (b) I could wash him myself, or (c) I could take him to get his haircut at the dog groomers down the street.

I opted for Option C, primarily because I have never been good at breathing only through my mouth (as realized during the terrifying snorkeling incident in the Florida Keys, when I literally thought I was going to DIE after I put on the snorkel because nobody TOLD me that you breath through you mouth and not your nose) I was too lazy to wash him myself. He needed a haircut anyways.

Dan keeps asking me why I keep taking Toby to the same dog grooming place. Which is a fair question since has looked particularly terrible every time he has left. However, being the amazing dog of wonder and glory that Toby is, every time he leaves they all coo about how wonderful and cute he is- conning me once again into thinking that even if their grooming skills are somewhat least they are good enough people to realize a spectacular dog when they see one.

This time I went in and was explicitly clear: Short trim on the back. Short hair. I do not want to put his hair in a top knot. I do not want hair in his eyes. I walked out the door only to see Toby panicking as two large black labs eyed him as a snack from the corner. I freaked out, feeling terrible and worrying that something would happen to him. Dan was extremely comforting, pointing out the Chinese food place next door to the groomers, and wondering out loud where they buy their meat.

Unfortunately, what happens next is way worse then Toby being used as meat in soup at a cheap Chinese restaurant.

They gave him a beard.

I am not kidding. He looked ridiculous! Kind of reminiscent of Ulysses S. Grant. I saw him and was like "you've got to be kidding me." I was so mad that I ignored the coos of the groomers and walked right out the door in a fit of rage and terror. Upon arriving him Toby immediately crawled under the couch, in what I am sure was total embarrassment. After about an hour of coxing I finally got him to come out, took scissors, and chopped off the mess myself.

Needless to say now he still looks ridiculous, but a little less ridiculous then he did before. Poor thing.

Ulysses S. Grant

May 7, 2008


If soccer was law school...
and the goalie was me...
and the kicker was my professor...
and the soccer ball was my exam...
Well, you get it.


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