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December 22, 2008

STOP THE SNOW (for Toby's sake...)

This morning I woke up guessed it...more snow. This caused me to press my face against the frosty window pane and scream "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP SNOWING!!!!!" I then repeatedly banged my forehead against the window in hopes of offering my pain as penance to the snow-making Gods. I don't know what I did to cause massive amounts of snow across the whole northwest but I am so SO sorry.

I can't take it anymore. If it snows ONE MORE FLAKE I am going to LOSE IT! I feel TRAPPED. Every time we try to leave this apartment its like we are RISKING OUR LIVES AND I AM SICK OF IT! Somebody needs to fly me somewhere tropical ASAP.

I am bored too. This really should not be the case since I have a huge brief to write and a wedding to plan. Plus I bought the Marley and Me book in an attempt to reread it before seeing the moving. But no, I spend my time emasculating my dog by dressing him up in Christmas decorations.

Before you feel bad for Toby you should know that he gets a doggie treat after after every pose- so his patience are well rewarded.

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