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December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to My One and Only

Dear Dan,

Happy Birthday!!!

I think we can all breath a collective sigh of relief that you lived to see this birthday. Not to be morbid, but ever since you insisted on explaining to me the symbolic meaning behind the Forever 27 poster (while simultaneously demanding we hang it in our guest bedroom even though it is bound to give all guests nightmares), I have had a terrifying fear that you would fall to the same fate as all your idols. You really should consider loving the music of living people. Perhaps you could become a Britney Spears fan, and as an added bonus we would no longer have to fight over whose ipod gets played in the car.

But THANK GOD you made it to the big 2-8. This day is especially important because for the next 4 months it seems to those who don't know us better that you are 4 years older then me. Which is a lot in high school years, and I enjoy making references about how my parents would totally have refused to let us date in high school because you were too old for me. You then will tell me to stop acting immature, to which I will reply "Touche!" But I am allowed to be immature because I am still young and vibrant.

You have to take an exam on your birthday- which I cannot think of a worse way to spend your birthday...of course last year I was on a plane for 8 hours on my birthday. Yet at the end of those eight hours I was in the Florida Keys with okay, you win. But I promise you next year- when we have no finals and have lots of money- we will celebrate your birthday like you REALLY deserve...

...because YOU, more then anybody, deserve the best birthday ever. You truly are the best fiance a girl could ask for. You wake up at 7 AM to take Toby outside in the blistering cold so that I can keep sleeping (even though you always fall asleep after me). You go with me to the grocery store even though you have a million things to do because you know I don't like going to the store alone when its dark. When you make dinner (which is most nights), you will start doing the dishes even though its MY job and you don't even complain. You always buy me chocolate when you go to the store even though you don't like it. And while we're on the subject, you keep eating my Christmas cookies even though I KNOW you think they are too sweet.

You truly are the best man in the world- and deserve a better birthday then I could ever give you. You should know I called and tried to get an automatic A for you on your exam (not like you need it). They started laughing, which I took as a no, but one year- I promise to give you the birthday present you deserve (which is going to cost a lot of money so good thing we went into the right profession).

But just as a side note... if you don't like your birthday presents this year....just remember that I am moving to Dallas next year.

love you!

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