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December 26, 2008

Christmas Recapulated

So we got snowed in for Christmas. Obviously that sucks because Spokane sucks and well, we would have liked to have seen our families. But given the circumstances we rallied and Christmas didn't turn out too bad! We decided to attempt to merge our two family traditions together and start some of our own. It started with a traditional family Christmas Eve dinner. As you saw in my last post, Dan was diligently cooking a fantastic prime rib for dinner and it turned out fabulous. I mean it was so rare it still mooed, but that is how Dan enjoys his prime rib, and quite frankly it was pretty damn good, so I'm not complaining at all.

This summer Dan and I took a wine class and ended up buying a wonderful assortment of wines that we saved to open for special occasions. We opened the first bottle on the night Obama won the presidency. The second bottle we opened on Christmas Eve. We bought it because 1: The wine was great! and 2: We thought the top was super cool. However, when the man brought out the bottle a large portion of the class groaned with displeasure of its design. We were confused, but we soon figured out why. You can't get the stupid top off!!! Dan, who had managed to cut 7 pounds of prime rib without incident, sliced his hand open trying to get through the stupid wax. I ultimately prevailed, proving never send a man to do a woman's job...

After dinner I convinced Dan that every Christmas Eve my Mom and I watch Little Women. He gave me a look like I was crazy, but I told him that since we were doing his family traditions we had to do my family traditions as well. This is only slightly false because we definitely HAVE watched Little Women on Christmas Eve twice before....I think. Either way, I thought he was going to die. He was so bored it reminded me of the first time we watched Little Women in the theater and my brother Ryan, who was six at the time, insisted that he come along and tried to choke himself with popcorn halfway through to make us leave. They both hated it, which is really tragic for Dan since I intend on watching it every Christmas Eve for the rest of our lives.

Toby also got a present. He received a wonderful Christmas bone with meat tucked inside. We immediately regretted the decision because all night all we heard was him manically chewing on the stupid thing attempting to get all the meat inside.

But the next morning, much to my dismay, me moved on to a much better conquest...I'm still amazed he hasn't died.

On Christmas morning we were visited by Santa (he FOUND us!) who, as always, remembered to give me my magical orange made of chocolate that contains no more calories then a traditional orange no matter what the box says. Mmmmm...oranges for breakfast never tasted so good.

My fabulous fiance bought me the most glorious luxery bathrobe. I will pause for a moment while anybody who has ever lived with me types Dan a thank you note for giving me a reason to throw away my current bathrobe. Which I live in. Which I am pretty sure my father got free in a booth somewhere at a conference in Vegas.

Dan had almost all of his gifts because he was a good boy this year and the mail gods decided to reward him by delivering all his packages. Anything that had a gift for me involved did not make it, although I secretly think it is an evil ploy to teach me to be less materialistic. It worked. Now let my new Coach purse and fluffy duvet bedspread get here.

After presents Dan made a fantastic Greek breakfast, another family tradition. I am not going to lie...these family traditions are fabulous, but they are sooooo buying me my next gym membership because I gained like 20 pounds.

After that, we embarked on a traditional family tradition, a Christmas day movie. We went to see "Marley and Me", which anybody who follows this blog knows I have been excited about for ages. I soon realized this was a terrible idea. I cannot make it through a dog movie without crying, and this one was no different. I quietly sobbed through the whole ending. I attempted to mask my tears by rubbing them off on my sweater sleeve every other second, but that plan was quickly foiled when I accidentally let out a sobby hiccup that I am pretty sure everyone around me heard. I wasn't too embarrassed though because the WHOLE THEATER was crying. It is the only time I have ever been to a movie where all the girls were openly crying and all the guys were doing the awkward shifty movements in their chair to distract themselves from crying. Except maybe Titanic. Kill as many people as you want and a man doesn't cry, but don't mess with a man's dog.

Either way, great movie, but make sure you bring the tissues.

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