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August 11, 2008

"If God is punishing us for moving in together, I really think he overdid it"

So these past 27 hours have hands down been the worst of my life. Okay. Maybe not the worst, but since I am consumed by the moment, it is quite close.

So these past few weeks have been a whirlwind of flying to Albuquerque, spending some quality time with Dan's parents and sister Kirstin in Snowflake, AZ (where we ate like Kings, which was a good thing- because we needed our strength in the future!), driving to Boise, moving out of my apartment to Boise, and arriving in Spokane to set up our "lovely" new home.

And by lovely I mean hell hole.

So Dan and I had always planned to drive up to Spokane and find a place to live before packing all our stuff up here. However, about a week before school started I got an email from the law school advertising a duplex that was for rent on the South Hill. It was perfect! 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, patio, backyard, accepted dogs, and was only $700 a month (for all you gasping out there- $700 a month is good, but Spokane is a cheap place to live in general.) But never fear, we did our homework. After speaking with the landlord, emailing the girl who used to live there about her experience, and getting copious amounts of pictures we decided to take the risk and just get it- saving us a trip to Spokane and a lot money.

Dan was driving the UHaul and got to the house first. We were talking on the phone and I knew things weren't good when I heard him mutter "oh crap" while pulling up in the driveway. The walk through consisted of the landlord pointing out all the things he was "going to fix" (despite the fact he had 15 days since the last tenant had vacated). Plus it was NEVER cleaned and the carpets were terrible and BRIGHT PINK. After he left Dan and I sat on the floor in absolute terror trying to decide what we were going to do.

We decided to leave. There was no way we could live here- ever. But it was late so we slept on a mattress on the ground with full intentions to go apartment hunting the next day.

But the next morning we decided the place had potential. After all, it was big, and cheap. All it needed was a good (and I mean GOOD) cleaning, and some very intense decorating. So at 7 AM we marched to Wal Mart and picked up over $250 in supplies (which we fully intended on making Mr. Landlord pay for) and started scrubbing away at the place.

We soon realized what a task this was going to be. Food was caked all over the walls, the windows had never been cleaned, and EVERYTHING was covered in a layer of dust. When I went to clean the walls the water quickly became drops of dirt that cascaded down towards the floor. Toilet had rings, and the showers bottoms were filled with dirt (don't believe us? We took pictures...) After spending THREE HOURS cleaning an empty bedroom (Dan was still not done with the kitchen) I finally decided it was habitable, and we moved in a bed and I went down to the basement to put the sheets in the washing machine. I proceeded to go back upstairs for couple hours...and when I went back down to the basement to change the load I found



The downstairs bathroom was completely flooded. The dumb piece of @#$@ landlord never hooked up the washer and it consequently drained all over the floor. I screamed. Dan came down and looked at me and in that moment we were like "cool. We are leaving."

And now I am sitting blogging in a Travelodege while we desperately seek to find a new apartment in Spokane.

Its good to be home.

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